Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mother of 3 also Paints: Part 2

New work by Sarah Cowling
August 31-September 11, 2010 at The ARTS Project

Sarah Cowling has been working with acrylics for about 12 years. This exhibit is the culmination of much experimenting and playing with the paint. The flow of the paint is important to these works as all are poured, either directly onto the support or after the application of some kind of texture (from cheesecloth to acrylic mediums). During the pouring of the paint, some guidance of the flow may occur by moving or tipping of the support. The paintings are luminous and abstract with a feeling of depth and motion.

Sarah has a BA in History and Classics, a B. of Ed. and has participated in visual arts workshops and private classes. Sarah is a member of the Brush and Palette Club, the Gallery Painting Group and the Lambeth Art Association. She has taught art classes for The Arts Project and Museum London from 2009-2010 and gives art tours at Museum London with the Tour Guides. You can find Sarah’s work at the Art Rental Museum London and the Woodstock Art Gallery’s Art Rental. You can learn more about Sarah from her blog.

Gallery Hours 12 noon-5pm
Free Admission