Monday, October 13, 2014

Profile: Susan Shurish

Beginning with oils in the 1980's, I started learning about art and many mediums through workshops and classes. After retiring in 2003, I have pursued more learning activities and exhibition opportunities.
Current work features collage pieces of various papers stained and painted over using different techniques with fluid acrylic paints. Most works begin as abstracts, and some remain so, while others suggest something more objective. Pieces are started intuitively, continued with decisions about rhythm, contrast and movement until there is a sense of being finished. Some pieces remain simple and others become more complicated. The intensity and subtlety of the colours, patterns and textures continue to interest me.

Partner at Portside Gallery at 187 1/2A Main Street, Port Stanley since 2003
Susan also has artwork at Gallery 687 located at 687 Talbot St., St. Thomas.

Tel: 519-782-3064
Travel Far
This Day is Warm


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